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Digital Storyboard

I think this is a good start to my story, and can help me really bring my ideas to life and give me a good starting point to write my script exactly how I want to.

Access to Technology

I am observing at Mercer Elementary in the Shaker Heights School District. At Mercer, there is no set person who is in charge of all the technology, the teacher all are capable of handing all of the technology in their classrooms. All the teachers have a Smart-board in their classrooms and each student has their … Continue reading Access to Technology

Video Game Post #2

This post may be my last post about my game because I ended up finishing the game fairly quick. It is not a long game at all, and I think this is because it is made for children between the ages of three to about five or six years old at the oldest. Overall, I … Continue reading Video Game Post #2


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