Access to Technology

I am observing at Mercer Elementary in the Shaker Heights School District. At Mercer, there is no set person who is in charge of all the technology, the teacher all are capable of handing all of the technology in their classrooms. All the teachers have a Smart-board in their classrooms and each student has their own Chromebook. Also, each teacher has their own desktop computer at their desk along with a laptop that they can use around the school if they need to. Every teacher and student in the school have equal access to the technology that I listed previously. But, each student is responsible for keeping their Chromebook in good condition because there seems to be no extras in the classroom. All of the technology in the classrooms is easily accessible to the teachers and students, and they seem to have no issues. Each student has their own account that they need to sign into when they are using their Chromebooks which is using their Shaker Heights District email. I believe that the teachers also have to use their Shaker Heights District sign in to get into their devices as well.

In observing in my 4th grade classroom, there seems to be no firewall set into the Chromebooks because the students like to watch Youtube during their lunch time and have full access to whatever videos they want. I was not able to have a sit down conversation with anyone at Mercer about their technology usage but I was able to gather all of this information through my observations there this far.

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