Observing Classroom Technology Use

The school that I am observing this semester is Mercer Elementary which is in Shaker Heights. The school has a lot of technology such as chrome books for each student to use all year. The teachers also all have access to smart boards and computers with sound systems, but the teacher only has access to that.

Observing the Students in my classroom

  1. The students are using Seesaw in the classroom constantly. They can upload their work in a variety of ways using photos or whatever way they desire to show they have learned something. They also use things such as Google Meets and Google Classroom a lot as well to collaborate on things as a class.

2. With Seesaw, students are able to hand in work and also see each other’s work once they are finished with their own, and able to compare it and see their teacher’s corrections or comments on their own work.

3. and 4. I think that the use of the Google products is making learning possible for these students. For example, they are doing a project called exhibition and each group of students is collectively making a Google Site about a topic that they are passionate about. Together the students are doing research and making an elaborate presentation to present to the whole Mercer Elementary community.

Observing my Cooperating Teacher

  1. I have not seen my teacher use much technology with the kids other than assigning things for them to do on Google Classroom and Seesaw and she also uses a Smart board.
  2. My cooperating teacher has used these softwares to assign work, grade work, and give updates to parents as well because they have access to their child’s Google Classroom.
  3. and 4. I think that the use of the Smart board is something so simple, but so beneficial to making teaching possible in this classroom. The teacher is able to pull up and demonstrate things at ease, and also show other students’ good work on Seesaw to use for other students to grasp concepts that they may be struggling with.

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