Service Weeks 4 &5

I was not able to attend service during the 4th week because I had a midterm during the same time service went. So I combined this with the service reflection from week 5 to save some space.

Today during week 5 in service, I was able to meet TJ who is one of the members of the class from St. Francis. In our breakout room we discussed some possible interview questions such as, “Who is a role model to you?” and some more simple questions like if he had any siblings or what his favorite holiday was. Something that stuck out to me the most was how genuine all of TJ’s answers were. He was loving the questions we were asking him and he gave us some thorough answers which shocked me because it was our first time seeing him. He seemed to be very comfortable and open with me and everyone else in my breakout room.

Something else that stuck out to me this week was the thought TJ put into his answers. For example, when we asked him his favorite holiday, he said Christmas and without being asked he explained why. He said how it made him feel nostalgic and how he was excited for him and his family to be together and share gifts with each other. This made me think of some of my past Christmases when I was his age and it was really nice to hear him talk about something that made him so happy.

The only challenge from this week would have to be how it was quite noisy in the classroom, but just a little but of focusing and moving the kids around the room solved this problem pretty quickly. Overall, I think this was one of the most impactful weeks of service we have had so far and I am excited to see what is in store for next week’s service!

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