Learning Experience 9/22

This reading by Janak was centered around the progressive era and its effects on the education field. It went into great detail on many things such as administration, child-centered theories, the social aspects of school, social reconstructionism, and more. The reading is developed into these different topics and it includes different people who influenced each part. The point of view throughout the reading is from a progressive standpoint which was expected. Even though this reading was split into several sections, it was able to give a brief overview into each topic and how that specific topic effected education today. The topics my learning community picked were chosen because we each had each other pick a section we thought was important. For example, I picked the topic of administrative progressivism because I felt like as most of our class wants to do something in the education field, it would be interesting to give the perspective of working as administration at a school or within a school district to show there are many jobs within education other than just being a teacher. I also picked this because I thought it was very interesting how the governing system within a school is similar to the government here in the United States with a system of checks and balances.

This article really dove into many different parts of the progressive era and its effects on education. Prior to reading this article, I just had a brief understanding of the progressive era that I learned in high school, but never really got deep into it like my learning community did. I now know how influential this period was on the field of education and a lot of its effects are still going today. I found it really interesting how it is still in effect today as I want to become a teacher one day. It really makes me think about how impactful the role of being a teacher is because during the progressive era, it brought about many questions as to what a school and teachers are responsible for. I also think that without the progressive era happening, the world of education would look so much different than it currently does.

My learning community decided to focus on the following sections; the roots of progressivism, child-centered progressivism, administrative progressivism, social reconstructivism, and the social aspects of school. We chose these topics because we felt they were the sections with the most information and should be taught to our fellow classmates. We also thought these were some of the more interesting topics and felt that our classmates would think so too.

We designed our learning experience to be a group discussion through a google slides presentation. We really wanted to have an intellectual conversation with our classmates on the issues discussed in the reading. We thought by having each member of our group give a little background on their subject while incorporating it into a discussion to keep everyone engaged would be the best approach. We tried to make the questions interesting and open to a lot of interpretation with the hopes of having some good conversations and we did!! I contributed the information on administrative progressivism, and I participated in the many zoom chats my learning community had to complete the project. I was responsible for my slide like everyone else and I did the learning objectives as well. For this learning experience we consulted the article by Janak, and Dr. Shutkin during our soom meeting. Overall, I think the learning experience went well and we had a great number of our classmates give some amazing responses which was greatly appreciated and allowed for a great intellectual conversation.

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